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Looking to get cash back from your everyday purchases?

Looking to start your own business part time?

Looking for a retirement plan?

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Lyoness started in Austria in 2003 and came to Canada and the US in 2010 but is now being re-launched in North America. It is now in over 46 countries and growing with over 55,000 business merchants and 5.5 million members worldwide so far.

There are the 3 main components to consider:

Shoppers + Merchants + Lyoness = Increased Revenue!

There is no cost to join as a Shopper and a small expense when you sign up as a business merchant. The benefits soon offset the start-up costs after the initial launch; a merchant only pays when a Lyoness member makes a purchase from them. So if youíre interested in getting more customers or simply to retain by rewarding your current ones, this is a great program to help you achieve both goals!

The concept is based on a referral marketing network that pays Shoppers up to 5% cash back on purchases with Lyoness merchants. You also earn Shopping Points from each purchase that you can redeem for gift cards and other services. But as a merchant, you give away memberships to your customers and receive money back each time they spend and use their card that has your company logo on it Ė even if itís not at your business!

To start getting cash back or you want to learn more about the vast earning potential with the Lyconet Business Solution, email me now at to get in on the ground floor of this new launch campaign!